From Australia we have the high-energy psychedelic butterfly Gaff E. . Add a live set from Bulgarian Kopriva + 3 x DJ sets. An unforgettable party night.

20 October 2018

High-energy psychedelic butterfly, Gaff E transcends genres flying her own divine style. Gaff E lives and breathes by the Frank Zappa philosophy “A mind is a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” Classically trained as a pianist, violist, and saxophonist, today Gaff E expresses her musical talent through performing, DJing, modeling, styling, dancing, directing, and producing music.

Kopriva is a solo artist from Ruse, Bulgaria. "Kopriva" in Bulgarian means "Nettle". Vaiana Tasheva aka Korpiva creates music by looping her voice and using various vocal effects in real time. She loves improvisation and interacts with the audience to shape her sound: trip-hop, liquid d&b, ethno, ambient, psychedelic, voodoo jazz...

Martin Panchev aka TApWATER is a DJ from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. As a connoisseur of anything trashy, his punk aesthetics show regardless of the direction he chooses on the spot. Be it techno, disco or garage rock’n’roll. TApWATER is a frequent one on of the best independent radio stations, XRaydio.

Denitsa aka good vibes is a DJ from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She selects music true to her moto “good vibes only” - a mix from the latest alternative electronic music, from indie, RnB to synth and new wave.